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Upcoming Concerts/Events/Premier, 

April 9th,  Interview/Electronics Live-Set @ Radio Worm, Rotterdam

April 17th, "莊周夢蝶", Composition Premiere, Commissioned by Cristina Petcu @ Amstel Kerk, Amsterdam

April 25th-27th,  SNDO Festival,  Music for Yooha Cheon (Choreographer), Amsterdam

April 28th, Ping-En Hung Solo Concert, Amarte Concert Series 8th Edition @ Roode Bioscoop, Amsterdam

May 3rd, Ping-En Hung Electronics Set @ OCCII, Amsterdam

May 18th, Composers Festival, Visual Work for Philip Przybyło, Amsterdam

May 22nd,  "莊周夢蝶", commisioned by Cristina Petcu, @Orgelpark, Amsterdam

June 27th,  Ping-En Hung Solo Jazz-Electronics Showcase, @InJazz, Rotterdam

Past Concerts/Events/Premier, 

March 16th, Ping-En Hung Solo Jazz-Electronics Concert @ JazzFest Amsterdam, Amsterdam

February 25th, Ping-En Hung Electronics Live-Set @ Big Toilet Radio, Amsterdam

February 15th-17th, The Terrestrial Gathering of the Mermairds - Pure,

Music for MingJou Chen (Choreographer), Frascati Production @ Frascati, Amsterdam

February 1st, "Dream in Circle", Composition Premiere @ New Music Arena, Amsterdam

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