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Electronics Musician / Electronics Bassist / Composer based in Amsterdam

NEW EP Release ! | 斯是陋室

Fragrance in my Room

My 2nd EP, ‘斯是陋室|Fragrance in Room’ is now available for sale on Bandcamp. Link in bio.

I created ambient music in my room, and ambient music becomes my room.

This first track of the EP feature Francisco Marti , my talented friend who is the unicorn in my life. The second and third tracks are my invitation for you to flow in the universe of balance and peace.

World peace and send you all my love.


"If I could meet the
authentic you through my music,
then I find the
meaning of my life."

Ping-En Hung


Born in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1993, the electronics artist, bassist, and composer Ping-En Hung has been residing and studying in Amsterdam since 2016. Having graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with a bachelor's and master's jazz performance degree in 2022, she is now pursuing studies in the live electronics master's degree under Jos Zwaaenburg. 

Ping-En's versatility in art seamlessly traverses genres from modern jazz to classical contemporary and electronic music. Drawing inspiration from her extensive experience in live jazz performances across Europe, Ping-En utilizes improvisation as a powerful tool for experimentation. Her foundation in jazz strongly influences her work, while her current focus on electronic music showcases her creativity in noise and sound design genres. Venturing into multidisciplinary artistry, Ping-En specializes in cooperating with choreographers to craft theater performances, elevating storytelling through the language of movement and sonic experience. 

In her musical endeavors, Ping-En aims to connect with people profoundly, touching the inner recesses of their emotions. Her eclectic influences include Spanish movie director Pedro Almodovar, ancient Chinese philosopher Lau Zi, and the Taiwan-based international modern dance group Cloud Gate Dance Theater. Ping-En's open-minded approach to music creation is evident in her ability to fuse modern jazz and contemporary elements, creating a distinctive and innovative sound.

The influence of Chinese philosophy holds a special place in Ping-En's heart, rooted in her mother's profession as a Chinese literature teacher. This influence brings her unique perspectives toward her current life-based in Europe. You can hear how East and West meet each other in Ping-En's works and how she continues sculpting narratives through her multi-cultural backgrounds. 


Live Performance

Composition by Ping-En Hung

Commisioned Projects

Composition by Ping-En Hung

Beginnings februari 2024: The terrestrial gathering of the mermaids -

PURE / MingJou / Frascati Producties

(Short Clips)

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